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Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air

Jacco Gardner
Clear The Air

Oh man, how is time fleeting? Over a year ago, I posted the awesome Freakbeat duo The Skywalkers, with their original sixties drum'n'organ sound. Now Jacco Gardner, part of the duo, is going to release a 7" with two super catchy, psyched …
Summer Fiction - By the Sea

Summer Fiction
By the Sea

2011 # pop, dream pop, sixties
Genre: pop Summer is over, just some blurry images remain. So is Summer Fiction's free single By The Sea from the self titled 2010 album. Great Zombies influenced pop. 9/10 …
The New Lines - All That We See And Seem

The New Lines
All That We See And Seem

Genre: Psych Pop Label: The Great Pop Supplement After a bunch of 7" The New Lines are ready to release a full album. Lush and spacey, sixties influenced psych pop on a full lenght vinyl record, out in mid October 2011. …
Mmoss - i


Genre: Psychedelic Pop Label: Burger Records Gorgeous original and mind blowing psych pop like a space cookie full of dope. Sounds exactly like the sixties psych stuff. Thinking of the awesome Chocolate Watchband (not in GEMA control …
Water Moccasins - Broken Tone

Water Moccasins
Broken Tone

Genre: Shoegaze, Drone Pop Label: self Really nice shoegaze stuff with some sixties references from a dude from New Hampshire. Droning Organ - check Tons of Reverb - double check Sixties - check check check go for it! 9/10 …
The New Lines - Please Fall In Love / A Lonely Industry

The New Lines
Please Fall In Love / A Lonely Industry

Genre: Sixties Space Psych Pop Label: don't know - get the 7" via bandcamp Please fall in love with all these lovely, spacy sounds, with the organ, the reverbed booming drums. Reminds me sometimes on Papercuts or Stereo …
Mixtape #33 - Spring Reverb

Mixtape #33
Spring Reverb

Genre: Lo-Fi Garage Pop Electronica Folk Trash Exotica Ok, Time Of... another mixtape for the starting springtime. Again we pick our latest founds and faves bring them in a nice order with some jumps back and forth in history and changing the mood …
Die Jungen - 2011 - $

Die Jungen
2011 - $

Genre: Reverbed Sixties Pop Label: self Why did these Brits choose a german bandname (The Boys)? But ok, "The Boys" play some very american influenced early sixties pop with some surf notes, close dance ballads, squeaky combo organs (♥) and lot …
[Video] The Skywalkers - Song For Cat

[Video] The Skywalkers
Song For Cat

Here a pretty good live version of Song For Cat. Just in case you missed the great record Year One by The Skywalkers. [mp3] The Skywalkers - Song For Cat (live) 10/10 …

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