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Kyst - Tar EP

Tar EP

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk Label: Self release (PL)Similar Artists: Grizzly Bear, Akron Family I think this is recorded by one person, even if the band start as a trio. But the songs sounds very mature and good, you should give it a try.Kyst started in H …
Oral Constitution - Bibelpreik

Oral Constitution

Genre: Neo Folk, Avantgarde, Freak Folk Label: Artware Production (GER) Similar Artists: Current 93 Seriously though, I am concerned about this and I'm particularly concerned about the little girls who you see on the cover of this Oral Constitutio …
Dronaement - A Collection of Songs About Norway

A Collection of Songs About Norway

Genre: drone, post-rock, ambient, Psychedelic, Freeform Label: private release Similar Artists: Sigur Rós, Station 17, Rare release by this german drone outfit. This time with more "song" oriented work. Some treated guitartunes, loops and organ …

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