Least Carpet - 2009 - s/t EP

Least Carpet
2009 - s/t EP

Least Carpet - 2009 - s/t EP

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Genre: Psych Folk
self release
Similar to A Broken Consort, Thuja, Jewelled Antler Collective stuff

Highly recommend music for psych lovers.
It has the reverbed tearing, out of tune violine sounds in the background, some slightly fuzzed guitars as next layer and really nice played acoustic guitar on top.
Some tracks are more improvised muddy guitars others are really folky.
Thats make me feel sitting on a bench in front of an old shack, in black forest... totally stoned :D

I don't know anything about this obscure german project, but I love it.

  1. Haystacks
  2. The Flying Carriage
  3. Rivers
  4. Old Wedding Song
  5. Leaving

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