Kiki Pau - Pines

Kiki Pau: Henrik Domingo, Pauli Saarikivi, Olli Juvonen, Aleksi Gustafsson

Keyboards on "Pines II" by Jussi Nikkila

Recorded by Kia Sofia
Mixed by Gustav Ejstes
Mastered by Jussi Suonikko

Cover art by Esa Makitalo
Design by Esa Makitalo & Henrik Domingo

"...woodwinds, hand drums, and guitar twang tracing links between pagan rituals under the midnight sun and Indian ashrams half a world away." - SPIN

"“Pines” is a feel good badass shamanistic pop prayer. It’s a gem in a sea of information and time. It pokes out through the corners of its foggy, smoky caverns and invites you in." - Sound Colour Vibration

Helsinki-based four-piece Kiki Pau began as a rather traditional guitar pop group in 2007 but changed their course radically right after the release of their second album. Giving up on the verse-chorus form and focusing on inner space/time-traveling were key elements that gave birth to Kiki Pau's new sound and third album, Pines. Heavy on extended guitar jams and effect-driven soundscapes, the album is made up of extended pieces that whisk the listener away on a lush, musical adventure.

Mixed by Gustav Ejstes (the main man of renowned Swedish psych-rock band, Dungen), Pines is a rewarding and exciting listen. It sits at the crossroads of classic jam-rock á la The Grateful Dead, late sixties psych-pop, British psychedelic folk, space rock and 70's kosmische musik.

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Kiki Pau

Kiki Pau - Pines

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Krautrock from Finlandia? Yes, this sounds exotic and special. And it is! While the Krautrock label will be sticked on any dull prog-rock jam, these Finns are different. Sure - the tracks are epic pieces, which develop and grow organic, but they are able to start sounding like an early Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd track, morph to repetetiv Can's "Mothers Sky" like guitar jams and phase in and out like an early Chrome "Alien Soundtrack". (in Astronauttija)

This is highly recommended, if you love to listen to a bit more than stoned psych jams, referenced as Krautrock and if you prefer early Pink Floyd and  psychedelic music in general.

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