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Opossum Sun Trail - Death Raga Run-on Sentence

Opossum Sun Trail
Death Raga Run-on Sentence

Oh man, this Opposum Sun Trail album is hard to descibe. It's like a menu of acid laced greek yoghurt, after a main course of spaghetti western with a side of sauerkraut-rock and american goth primitivism. Death Raga Run-on Sentence is a really cool, …
dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

Here is another non acoustic guitar program with some jumps between genres and decades. I have to confess that I was playing A Flock of Seagulls a lot lately. It's a perfect eighties flashback, especially with their videos. All the moves and styl …
Voidfolk – Dwell

Voidfolk – Dwell

As a teenager in the mid nineties, I grew up with Monster Magnet and what later was called Stoner Rock. My friends listened to this a lot. For me, this whole Stoner scene was just a bunch of stoned Heavy Metal fans with beer bellies. I listened to th …
Kiki Pau - Pines

Kiki Pau

Krautrock from Finlandia? Yes, this sounds exotic and special. And it is! While the Krautrock label will be sticked on any dull prog-rock jam, these Finns are different. Sure - the tracks are epic pieces, which develop and grow organic, but they are …
Lasso - Lasso'd


psych, americana, soundtrack double phelix Lasso is initially John Tar Catlin from Kalamazoo and it's now expanded to a full collective - he was also member of The Go Rounds, we had featured earlier. The first tape by Lasso was a mumbling, wobbl …
Quiet Americans - Medicine

Quiet Americans

Genre: LoFi Psych Garage Rock These days, it's hard to find something special on the thousands lofi-retro-garage-psych-surf-combo. Quiet Americans catches my attention with their wobbling, worn out cassette tape sound. It's sounds like some of my …
Mixtape #40 - Codeine Party

Mixtape #40
Codeine Party

Genre: Psych Pop, Americana, Garage Pop, Surf What to say about this? The cover is taken from a tape-compilation from the early nineties, called Parocktikum II. It was an important radio-program in former GDR (socialistic East Germany). Th …
Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish

Kiran Leonard
The Big Fish

Genre: Kinderzimmer Prog Rock Label: self This is some real Progressiv-Rock wankery. Jazzed, nervous, epic. Sounds like a record from your fathers collection. That stuff where he play air-guitar and imagine he is with Phil Collins in a band, or s …

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