Neo Age
by Lukas Read

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File under: solo guitar, american primitive, ambient

Cosmic American Guitar Soli – Pastoral fingerstyle guitar and cosmic soundscapes.

Limited, hand-numbered release of 100 CDs, featuring three versions of original artwork (white on black risograph prints).

Neo Age is an instrumental album featuring Lukas Read's impressive fingerstyle guitar playing extended by experiments with guitar effects and bits of musique concrete. Thereby, Read transforms themes from American folk music (rags, country blues) into a modern melodic psychedelic soundtrack.

The original artwork for this release is inspired by scores for experimental music and visually recreates the ornamental guitar figures and the organic soundscapes.

Songwriter Lukas Read, along with his alter ego Sam Creacher, previously released two albums in the genre of "cosmic americana country." Read currently plays in the Pittsburgh-based indie rock band Slugss.


  1. Deep Winter Rag
  2. Further Interpretations of the Coocoo
  3. Bojangles Boogie
  4. Electric Study
  5. Neo Age
  6. Intermission
  7. Draga
  8. Creacher Jump
  9. Slow Burn Boogie
  10. American Ramble (Revisited)
  11. Springtime Gallop

Guitar: Lukas Read
All other sounds: Sam Creacher
Engineer: Lukas Read & Janson Sommers
Mixer: Lukas Read
Mastered by: Marcus Obst
Producer: Sam Creacher
Artwork: Marcus Obst

Recorded in Austin, TX

Sam was somewhat strong, two zeppelins for his lungs
He ran all day when he was a babe, now a man so still he waits.
— Ballad of Poor Sam Creacher, Lukas Read


Song titles such as “Deep Winter Rag,” “Slow Burn Boogie,” and “Springtime Gallop” provide an immediate impression of what to expect from Lukas Read’s Neo Age, but the eleven-track collection is something more than a one-note series of blues-country riffs thrown together by the American fingerpicker. The range of material featured on the album, recorded in Austin, Texas and issued by Dying For Bad Music in a limited, hand-numbered edition of 100 CDs, impresses, as does Read’s execution…