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Quiet Americans - Medicine

Quiet Americans

Genre: LoFi Psych Garage Rock These days, it's hard to find something special on the thousands lofi-retro-garage-psych-surf-combo. Quiet Americans catches my attention with their wobbling, worn out cassette tape sound. It's sounds like some of my …
Moss - American Folk Songs

American Folk Songs

Genre: Americana, Lofi Folk Short ep with american folk songs by Josh Moss who is always looking for "the modern folk music of america". Pretty good raw and earthy stuff here! 9/10 …
Asian Boyfriend - Demonstration

Asian Boyfriend

Genre: Fuzz Pop, Fuzz Folk This is loud bedroom fuzz pop and the solo effort by someone I don't know. Reptilian Brain sounds like drunken Arcade Fire as one-man band, I mean the melody and the drive reminds me somehow on "Neigborhood 2 (Laika)" by …
Victor Florence - Autumn

Victor Florence

Genre: Singer Songwriter, Bedroom Folk, LoFi With Autumn, Victor Florence finished his first cycle through the seasons. In small steps he develop his musical oeuvre from plain acoustic guitar pieces to richer instrumented/arranged songs. And if i …
8 track Adventures of Philip Vesper - Mahlsdorf Delta Blues

8 track Adventures of Philip Vesper
Mahlsdorf Delta Blues

Genre: Blues, Lofi Folk American roots music, played by a german dude from Berlin. It's a lot of fun to listen to this mixture of lofi-fuzz-blues-surf-garage-folk. Nothing more to add. (And I am a bit lazy ;)) 8/10 …
Tea Leigh - Some songs

Tea Leigh
Some songs

Genre: Lo-Fi, Singer Songwriter. Girl named Tea play songs on guitar, sing and record on hissing cassette tapes. Low-Fye could be her brother in mind. It's really nice - and while you stream their stuff, browse through her tumblr. And @ Mrs. Tea …
J. Marinelli - Stone​-​Age Kicks, Volume Three

J. Marinelli
Stone​-​Age Kicks, Volume Three

2011 # lofi, garage rock, punk
Genre: Punk, Garage Rock Label: self One-Man-Punk-Show J. Marinelli compiled coverversion of his favorite(?) songs and put it up for free download. Funny, just today I stumbled above Urinals and with this post-punk group the compilation starts ju …
Mount Eerie - Live UT Connewitz, Leipzig

Mount Eerie
Live UT Connewitz, Leipzig

The complete live recording of Mount Eerie's 2010 Wind's Poem tour. It was recorded in UT Connewitz, Leipzig, which is a really great venue. The sound quality is ok. Maybe it's a bit boomy, because of the hall's reverb. And so far I don't know any …
Zola Jesus - Daytrotter Session

Zola Jesus
Daytrotter Session

Genre: female vocalist with epic voice ;-) Label: Daytrotter Here´s another Daytrotter session with one of my favorite female vocalists Zola Jesus. Although Nika Roza Danilova´s voice takes getting used to due to the epic "opera"-style, I reall …

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