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dfbm #111 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 14

dfbm #111 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 14

So many playlists so little time. Obviously making these playlists and the cover artwork and then the posting takes longer than using something like Spotify. Of course, it shouldn't take 6 months. Anyways, this is more rock music-oriented (in the bro …
dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

Welcome to another 2 hours program of old and new music. This time with a bit more diversity! Find a few rarities, like William Tyler singing a country song, and an ambient like country piece by Ferlin Husky that I've found over at Aquarium …
Gabriel Slavitt – No Skinny Minnie

Gabriel Slavitt – No Skinny Minnie

Mostly electrified solo guitar tunes by Gabriel Slavitt from Philadelphia who is also working as an artist in the field of mixed media and sculpture. The No Skinny Minnie ep is completely stripped down to a lonely sounding guitar in a room. Nonethele …
Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

It's still summer, but the sun is leaving slowl this place over the northern hemisphere. Just warms up the corps of the past summer fun days and then freezes everything over night. Brrrr. Gives me a taste of the cumin' winter. No fun! Any …
The James Badfellows - Demos

The James Badfellows

2012 # garage rock, punk
I don't know anything about this band, but I like their raw garage rock/punk. I found this at the pretty prolific but barely minded blog the modern folk music of america. Check it out and find some really nice demos and recordings from bands …
Conor & the Stonehill Kids - Don't Move! EP

Conor & the Stonehill Kids
Don't Move! EP

2011 # garage rock, punk
Garage Punk Pretty good and raw garage punk from New Jersey. Just drums, guitar, voice... 8,5/10 via Said the Gramophone …
Mixtape #41 - Apes in Space

Mixtape #41
Apes in Space

Genre: Psych Garage Punk Post Country Surf Here is one of two new mixtapes. This is a bit rawer and louder. I include two german punk classics, just for fun. Most stuff you will find here on blog others not. However. Check it out! The Trites! - …
Schocholautte - I Hate You

I Hate You

Genre: Garage Fuzz Punk Pop Silly band name, boring album cover, why should you press the play or even the download link? Because the last Strokes album was shit and you miss their sound a bit? So, then try out Schocholautte now! Get the full fuzz …
Quiet Americans - Medicine

Quiet Americans

Genre: LoFi Psych Garage Rock These days, it's hard to find something special on the thousands lofi-retro-garage-psych-surf-combo. Quiet Americans catches my attention with their wobbling, worn out cassette tape sound. It's sounds like some of my …

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