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Waswas - Attempting Levitation

Attempting Levitation

Waswas is Alessandro Denti from Monza in Italy. It's always a pleasure to receive contributions of solo guitar music. Denti's music reminds me more on the solo guitar pieces by guitarists like George Cromarty, Scott Witte, Daniel Hecht or Bob …
Moon Bros. - Frijolillo

Moon Bros.

Moon Bros. is some sort of psych folk by Matthew Schneider, well known in Chicago's Free Jazz scene as "guitarist, stringed instrumentalist, carpenter, and an all round bad-asser"(source). It's the same scene or group of musicians t …
Ryley Walker - Folkadelphia Session

Ryley Walker
Folkadelphia Session

Here is a nice solo set by Ryley Walker, recorded for the well known Folkadelphia serie, last year. Beside all the praise Walker will get for his coming album Primrose Green, it's important to keep an ear open for his solo (radio) appearances. …
Samuel Gray Edmondson - Suite

Samuel Gray Edmondson

A lovely 4 track EP by a, to me unknown guitar player from the US East Coast. This is basically a 12 minute composition, divided into four pieces. Wonderful picking style similar to James Blackshaw. So it's less the country blues picking and more …
Daniel Bachman ~ s/t

Daniel Bachman ~ s/t

Daniel Bachman is working hard to stay on top of business. Touring the US, recording a bunch of tracks, touring Europe then back to the US and so on. And in the meantime, while slowley the PR machinery is starting for his next new album on Bathetic R …
dfbm #62 ~ Play For The Spring

dfbm #62 ~ Play For The Spring

Today is Walpurgis Nacht in Europe. Means people are getting drunk and fall into bonfires and shit like that. I stayed at home and collected two handful of songs and then put them in order, hoping it makes a good listening experience. Be prep …
Sean Proper – Interview

Sean Proper – Interview

Playing an unelectrified steel-string guitar virtuosically as a solo instrument seems to be the new (Heavy) Metal. There are quite a few Metal Heads turning down the amp and replacing the ax with a wooden guitar. This isn't exactly the case with …
M.Mucci – Dangerous Summer

M.Mucci – Dangerous Summer

12 string acoustic guitar texture and light electronica as the perfect soundtrack to transit the fall season. Canadian guitar player, radio maker Michael Mucci teamed up with Ben Grossman to enrich his guitar compositions with some electronica an …
Steven John Hopkins - s/t

Steven John Hopkins

American Primitive and no end. This guy from the UK is exploring the class rooms of Takoma School and presents a variety of steel string guitar compositions. Six- and twelve-string solo guitar, electrified and accompanied by other instruments or …

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