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Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast from the Past

Yussuf Jerusalem
Blast from the Past

Black Metal, Spaghetti Western Twang Folk, Garage Pop Floridas Dying This french dudes project is the polarity in person. This starts with the bandname and does not end with his music. Ok, it was not really surprising when his second album Blast fr …
Zola Jesus - Daytrotter Session

Zola Jesus
Daytrotter Session

Genre: female vocalist with epic voice ;-) Label: Daytrotter Here´s another Daytrotter session with one of my favorite female vocalists Zola Jesus. Although Nika Roza Danilova´s voice takes getting used to due to the epic "opera"-style, I reall …
Hurricanes of Love - Heavenly Wheel

Hurricanes of Love
Heavenly Wheel

Genre: Freak Folk, Blues Label: Whitehaus Family Records Lo-fi americana freak folk collective around Frank „Hurricane“ Copenhaver. His voice/singing-style reminds me on Charlie Mansons. Mostly plain bluesy acoustic guitar stuff. Track 4 is s …
First Nations - Black Beach

First Nations
Black Beach

Genre: Indie Folk Label: Crystal Country Records Wonderful indie folk on Crystal Mountain Records which brought us Machinery some days ago. The first tunes reminds me on The Dodos with their tribalesque drumming and beautiful guitar melodies. But …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - Daytrotter Session

Land of Blood and Sunshine
Daytrotter Session

Genre: Psycho Garage Indie Pop Label: Daytrotter Session Waiting for this since months and finally Daytrotter released the LOBAS session and I am sure this will boost the popularity of these guys. Quite rightly! It's likely that the devil dance …
Mixtape #38 - I left for you

Mixtape #38
I left for you

Genre: folk, indie, psych - what else The shit we listen to on heavy rotation. Most of the stuff you will find here on blog, so come back and grab the files if you like a track. Hope you'll enjoy. Macaw - Five Minutes At the Rainforest Cafe - - 2 …
Machinery - Nine Hunters

Nine Hunters

Genre: Folky Indy Posty Punky Label: Crystal Country Like the inside of a howling phantom, Machinery’s sound is passionate, foot stomping alt-folk indie that will haunt your basements and front porches for days. “We make the music we want to h …
Sovroncourt - Trunk Ship Perth

Trunk Ship Perth

Genre: Croak Folk, Singer Songwrite Label: Wild Kindness Records Great shakey folk music from Ohio. I love his croaky voice and the jingling and jangling in the background. Toy piano, harmonica, some rumbling drums and of course the six string wo …
Sage and Stone - Most of What We Say Is Meaningless

Sage and Stone
Most of What We Say Is Meaningless

2011 # pop, folk punk
Genre: Folk Pop Punk Label: self Pretty good folky punk pop with a wide difference of sounds and moods and some (home)studio trickery. All instruments played by Danny Olson, just trumpet and violin played by another person. Sage and Stone is …

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