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Animal Flag - Everything Will Be Okay

Animal Flag
Everything Will Be Okay

This is gentle bedroom folk by young people from the States. I imagine it's a perfect listen on a sunday morning in bed. And everything will be okay... And because of the fact the lyrics to Winter's Dream resonate in me, here the …
Jason the Swamp - 2009 - As Is the Sun

Jason the Swamp
2009 - As Is the Sun

Genre: Homerecording Indie Folk Beauty Label: Rack & Ruin Records / self If you follow this blog, you might know Jason the Swamp, unfortunately he released nothing new as follower to As Is the Sun. But he set up a bandcamp page an …
Generifus - I don't have to worry

I don't have to worry

Bedroom Pop, Singer-Songwriter Generifus is Spencer Sult from Olympia, WA and if you hear Olympia, WA the well(in)formed indiefan thinks on KRecords, Karl Blau, Adrian Orange and Phil the Elverum... So after dropping these names you know the dire …
Andy Boay - Evil Masters

Andy Boay
Evil Masters

Genre: Avant Pop Label: Does Are Pretty fucked up and weird experimental-, avantgarde pop. It's not really pop, it's multidimensional cut-up bedroom hi-fi pop. It's a radio broadcast of ghosts. Deconstructed indie chart music. 8,5/10 (v …
Forest Porridge - Thunder Bunder

Forest Porridge
Thunder Bunder

2008 # lofi, bedroom pop, punk
Genre: bedroom freak pop This is full of surprises and I found myself listen to it a lot. Handsome Devil, Carnation and Three Seasons is a good first encounter. Don't know anything about the dude and I am too lazy to ask google or something else …
Joel Robert Melton - Ghost

Joel Robert Melton

Genre: Ghost Pop So here we have some baroque bedroom pop. Epic and other worldly, dreamy and haunting. You can order a handmade disc from his bandcamp or download the thing to a price you want (even zero). Quality stuff! 8/10 …
Asian Boyfriend - Demonstration

Asian Boyfriend

Genre: Fuzz Pop, Fuzz Folk This is loud bedroom fuzz pop and the solo effort by someone I don't know. Reptilian Brain sounds like drunken Arcade Fire as one-man band, I mean the melody and the drive reminds me somehow on "Neigborhood 2 (Laika)" by …
Coldair - Far South

Far South

Genre: Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter One year ago, we had the Coldair debut on the desk. So here is the follower of Persephone. Far South stilkl breath the spirit of early Akron/Family and The Microphones. It starts with an ambient like, epic piec …
Deeper Peace - s/t

Deeper Peace

Genre: Bedroom Psych Label: self This is related to the previous Mmoss post, because it's solo stuff of one of the dudes. Similar to Mmoss, but a bit more on the lofi, bedroom side. But still playful psychedelica with toy instruments, fuzz and bu …

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