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Mixtape #48 - Sleepless Summer Nights

Mixtape #48
Sleepless Summer Nights

This is not for a stinky beach trip or to get lost in the woods. It's not the soundtrack to a party or to get stoned to or to have fun to. There is no intention, it's just what it is. My personal favorites - a diary - crutches to stand tall.. …
peopling - peopling EP

peopling EP

Genre: Experimental, Garage Punk, Power Electronics Ok, some harsher sounds now from Brooklyn from peopling. Sounds like a mixture of soften power-electronics. Does this make sense? Soft Power Electronics? I don't think so. But - the stuff that I …
Alligator Indian - beko 92

Alligator Indian
beko 92

Genre: Post-Punk-Lo-Fi-Noise Label: beko dsl Another great beko digital single release. One band with 2 different sounding songs. Side A is a quite noisy female-vocal-lo-fi-song, which reminds me a bit of Vivian or Dum Dum Girls (or even Be …
Mixtape #8 - The World Spins

Mixtape #8
The World Spins

Genre: Folk, Post Punk, Psych, Electro, Pop, Lo-Fi Seems to be a Twin Peaks related mixtape - but no, not really, beside the cover and the wonderful Julee Cruise song from the scene where the Laura Palmer murder was unveiled, it has nothing to do wit …

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