Braden J McKenna - Unknown/Demos

Braden J McKenna

Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk Sounds like Navigator and Braden J McKenna himself ;-) - ok, imagine a more lighter Mt Eerie, with some pieces of Woods and a drunk Arcade Fire crew . Can you still listen to that whiny voice of Braden J McKenna/Navigator? Yes? …
God is a Whale - diverse

God is a Whale

Genre: Freak Folk, Lo-Fi Label: none God is a Whale is the 18 yrs old J.M. Clark and his recordings are pretty nice.It's that homerecording acoustic Lo-fi style with a good portion of weird and out of tune/rhythm played instruments. But at all it's h …
low - fye - 2009 - Pages

fye - 2009 - Pages

Genre: Low-fye, Acoustic I don't want to bring that Syd Barrett reference again ;-) Again a bunch of his tiny little beautiful songs. Again each one is a pearl. Not longer than 2:30 minutes. And I think that's the point. It's the simplicity and the p …
Navigator - 2007 - Throwing Tongues

2007 - Throwing Tongues

Genre: Lo-Fi Folk Pop Label: Magic Goat If you like Neutral Milk Hotel, Woods and similar lo-fi rumblings More pearls by Navigator. Throwing Tongues is more that acoustic, folky style. But not only, there is enough space for feedback guitars and …
Mixtape #5 - More Saturation

Mixtape #5
More Saturation

Genre: Lofi, Punk, Garage, Noise, so called Shitgaze This is mostly noisy, distorted garage punk stuff. The sounds you can find everywhere, right now. Not every fart from every bedroom or garage smells like teen spirit (haha what a shitty joke), but …
WYLD WYZRDZ - 2009 - Light Upon Light, Wave upon Wave

2009 - Light Upon Light, Wave upon Wave

Lo-Fi, Shoegaze Magic Goat If you like the previous post ;-) you need this, too This is similar to the previous post of Navigator, the Lo-Fi Folk outfit by Braden J McKenna from Utah. But Wyld Wyzrds is less folk and more ambient. Lo-Fi ambient, may …
Navigator - Bad Children

Bad Children

2009 # lo-fi, freak folk
Genre: Lo-Fi, Folk Label: Magic Goat If you like the Woods and catchy poppy lo-fi tunes with lot distortion (Neutral Milk Hotel?;-)!) While listen to this record, I get that heart touching feeling like when listened to the Woods, the first time. I k …
Woods - 2009 - Live, Market Hotel

2009 - Live, Market Hotel

Additional to my Woods - Pitchfork - live video post here are another version of the live set by the NYCTaper. The correct tracklisting of the files provided by NYCTaper:Jam Death Rattles Too Clean + The Hold Untitled Twisted Tongue Military Madness …
low - fye - 2009 - The Comfort Soak

fye - 2009 - The Comfort Soak

Genre: Freak Folk, Lo-Fi If you like Syd Barrett... Oh this guy kills me, again a handful of short songs in love with tape hiss and the ghost of Syd Barrett. …

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