Mujercitas Terror - 2007 - Mujercitas Terror

Mujercitas Terror
2007 - Mujercitas Terror

Genre: Post Punk, Rockabilly Label: ?! (Argentinia) Don't know what I should write. It's a mixture of eighties Cave Rock, Post-Punk, Garage and Rockabilly. With male and female vocals and lot of rawness as well as melodies. Hard to find, try it! …
The Dodos - Live at ULU, London

The Dodos
Live at ULU, London

Wonderful Liverecording by The Dodos from September 2008. This is the audio-track from the bonus DVD of the special edition of Visiter. Includes a new unreleased title (Untitled)More Dodos related stuff will come... (Meric Long, Dodo Bird EP) Label: …
Thuja - Ghost Plants

Ghost Plants

Genre: Acoustic Freeform Psych Folk Drone Label: Emperor Jones (US)Similar Artists: Pete Wright, The North Sea, Skygreen Leopards Thuja released a lot records, all with untitled tracks and all of them with a beautiful organic athmosphere. For me it s …
Chauchat - Upon Thousands

Upon Thousands

Genre: Indie, Folk, Shoegaze Label: YerBird (US)Similar Artists: As if Galaxie 500 meets mid 80's Sonic Youth to play some early 90's Codeine I'm really addicted to them since last year love sickness and maybe that's the theme of Chauchats music."I …
Christopher Lux - Songs From the Coast

Christopher Lux
Songs From the Coast

Genre: Laptop Folk, Singer Songwriter Label: There are not very much information about Christopher Lux. It seems he is one of that bedroom producers. I've found this on So this is just the free download from there in standard 128kbp …
Kyst - Tar EP

Tar EP

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk Label: Self release (PL)Similar Artists: Grizzly Bear, Akron Family I think this is recorded by one person, even if the band start as a trio. But the songs sounds very mature and good, you should give it a try.Kyst started in H …
The 63 Crayons - Spoils For Survivors

The 63 Crayons
Spoils For Survivors

In former days The 63 Crayons playing some kind of sixties influenced Indie-Pop, always with some spacey synth swirls. With their last album they add a The in front of their name and go into a more darker, danceable, more psychoactive direction. Revo …
Meneguar - Bury a Flower 7"

Bury a Flower 7"

2006 # lo-fi, indie, punk
Genre: Indie Rock, LoFi Label: troubleman unlimited (US) The half of Meneguar are the wonderful Woods. But it's different. Cool Indie Rock, Punk, loFi, however you will label this.I love this 7" because it contains a different and much rawer version …
Prewar Yardsale  - Lowdown

Prewar Yardsale

Genre: Anti Folk Label: Oliver Juice Music (US) Similar Artists: Moldy Preaches Anti-Folk by played by a couple from NYC. Just Guitar and a Bucket as drums. Starting with the 14 minutes "Elevated Platform Stand" mantra. Go here and grab the …

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