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Trance Farmer - Scooby Dooby

Trance Farmer
Scooby Dooby

2011 # lofi, psych pop
Genre: Psych Sample Lo-Fi Pop Stoner Wave Label: Glue Moon Records This record laying around on my virtual desk for a while and found it's way into my virtual record player very often. Mostly because of the Betty Bop - Babe, Terror Remix banger. …
Alligator Indian - beko 92

Alligator Indian
beko 92

Genre: Post-Punk-Lo-Fi-Noise Label: beko dsl Another great beko digital single release. One band with 2 different sounding songs. Side A is a quite noisy female-vocal-lo-fi-song, which reminds me a bit of Vivian or Dum Dum Girls (or even Be …
The Miami - I'll Be Who You Want Me To Be

The Miami
I'll Be Who You Want Me To Be

Genre: LoFi Folk Label: self An exploration of traditional American lyrical poetry, mainly African-American (slave songs, gospel hymns, spirituals) reinterpreted by two middle-class, secular, well-educated college kids; a genuine clash of culture.T …
Romantic States - Still Pedals

Romantic States
Still Pedals

Genre: Indie LoFi Pop, Electronica Label: Beko-DSL Do you remember the Videohippos from Baltimore? They were somehow connected to Dan Deacon if I remember right. It was fine electronic driven lofi pop. Romantic States is Jim Triplett with nice lo …
Porn on Vinyl - Old Folks' Home

Porn on Vinyl
Old Folks' Home

2011 # lofi, bedroom folk
Genre: Lofi Folk Label: Long Lost Records Nice little album by Porn on Vinyl, even if it's never released on vinyl. Charming bedroom folk with some great moments. June and Accordions may be his best songs. Check it out! Behind Porn on Vinyl is …
Daniel Michael Clark - Neighbourhood Spook

Daniel Michael Clark
Neighbourhood Spook

2010 # lofi, surreal folk
Genre: obscure and haunting lofi folk Label: self-released cassette This is a great obscure release from the secret circle of Birdengine. If you know Birdengine you may came across an artist named Clara Kindle. Birdengine and Clara collaborated f …
Sean Nicholas Savage and Kool Music - Won Ton Jaz

Sean Nicholas Savage and Kool Music
Won Ton Jaz

2011 # funk, lofi, dance, disco
Genre: lofi disco, funk, chill Label: Arbutus Records Sean Nicholas Savage brought us the gorgeous Movin Up in Society tape last year, just to release two more albums in a short time. And from his lofi indie pop he shifts to some kin …
Mixtape #36 - Merry Go Round and Round

Mixtape #36
Merry Go Round and Round

Genre: Folk, Psych, LoFi, Folktronica, Acoustic String Instruments on 4Track Recorders So this is Part II, but this time more laid back and weird folky stuff. Just for the record, The Dreamend track is an alternative mix from their last record "S …
Jason the Swamp - Snakes

Jason the Swamp

Genre: Bedroom Folk, Pop Label: self After his great and epic As Is The Sun album back in 2009, it was a bit quiet about Jason Aud aka Jason the Swamp. But he spend a year recording this new album and writing music for the movie Desolation Wilder …

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