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Elkhorn - Tour Diary


Follow psych folk duo Elkhorn around on their summer tour 2016 and learn about a Stonehenge of amps, a Jimi Hendrix bootleg and the places and people they met. Thanks to Drew and Jesse for documenting their road trip. …
Daniel Bachman – Coming Home

Daniel Bachman – Coming Home

Singles Club starts in January 2014. Subscribe and Kickstart the thing. One of the most prolific guitarists today, Daniel Bachman kicks off the subscription serie of 7inch records that will start 2014 and get heavily advertised since the last few …
The Poor Farm & Rag Lore of Matthew Russell Boteilho – Interview

The Poor Farm & Rag Lore of Matthew Russell Boteilho – Interview

Matthew Russell Boteilho is a young guitar player and graphic designer from Houston, TX. I guess, meeting him in person on a concert could end up in night nerding around about music, art and culture. So for this interview you should take some time. T …
Sam Moss - Interview

Sam Moss

Sam Moss is one of the new young guitarplayers who HAS been featured here a lot. He recently curated the awesome Imaginational Anthem Compilation and is on tour as part of the Howling Kettles String-Duo and release as a solo artist too. Time to ask s …
Andrew Gillis - Interview

Andrew Gillis

I first heard about Rebecca's Room via the great Weird Canada blog, which features - you guess it, all styles of indie music from Canada. Then I found out, that there is not so much to find out about Rebecca's Room (beside the fact, that …
Michael J. Tapscott - Interview

Michael J. Tapscott

After the first listen of „Good Morning, Africa“ by Michael J. Tapscott and Andrew Kenower, I knew, this is my favorite album of 2012. The mixture of sublime folk songs and down to earth field recordings connected with ambient soundscapes …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - Interview

Land of Blood and Sunshine

I can not stop singing my praises about Land of Blood and Sunshine - the LoFi Psych Pop Outfit from Mashaltown, Iowa. It touches me like a foot kicking a bucket. So here is a short interview and after that two exclusive videos. …
Nick Castell / Hiss Hog Porkestra - Interview

Nick Castell / Hiss Hog Porkestra

After discovering Nick Castell's music last week I wanted to know more about him and his music. So I did this short interview with Nick. And he was so generous to give you, the readers of this blog, his Hiss Hog Porkestra albums for free or bette …

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