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Joseba Irazoki - Ninika

Joseba Irazoki

This is the perfect soundtrack to sense and experience the change from the winter to the summer time and it's a dance piece (or a folktronica concept album if you wish)! Like Joseba B. Lenoir (who was featured before and who recommended this to m …
Dyllan Hersey - s/t

Dyllan Hersey

I stumbled upon this lovely album by Dyllan Hersey from the west coast of America. It could be a standard singer-songwriter album, but wether it's her voice or her fingerpicking guitar style, that makes it a bit more outstanding. Or it's …
Joseba B. Lenoir - Instroak Vol. 2

Joseba B. Lenoir
Instroak Vol. 2

Joseba B. Lenoir is a guitar player from Barcelona, Spain. As I found out, the titles are in Euskara the language of the Basque people in Spain. I have honestly nearly zero knowledge about the political background there. But anyway. Joseba is a b …
Vultures - Have a Smoke EP

Have a Smoke EP

I stumbled upon them on a search for my These Boots Are Made For Walkin' cover versions project. It turned out that the whole EP is a nice rumbling piece of Lofi-Gothic-Country & Blues. On their bandcamp page you'll find a lot more record …
Mixtape #55 - Leaving/Returning

Mixtape #55

I started this tape before I left to the US for a month and after my return I added the latest bits and pieces. I think it's a nice mixture of garage folk, pop punk, psychedelic pop, post-punk and I don't know what else. I just hope you enjoy …
Wing Dam - Thick Phase / No Splash

Wing Dam
Thick Phase / No Splash

Wing Dam from Baltimore present some nice fuzzy indie pop for the long awaited spring time. You will find them somewhere between The Bee Gee's and Woods. I posted two tracks on a mixtape some moons ago but unfortunately, the first EP is not a …
The Done Wonders - s/t EP

The Done Wonders
s/t EP

2012 # garage rock
For some folks, Marshalltown in Iowa is synonym with the Land of Blood and Sunshine and the label Very Nice Dementia. So I checked by their website and found out they changed the look and released some new stuff, like the pink colored 7" by …
Braden J McKenna - Surfs Down Smiles Up

Braden J McKenna
Surfs Down Smiles Up

Before 2010 Braden J McKenna wrote like each day a new song. Lofi Bedroom Folk and Garage Pop like stuff under different monikers. The most prolific was maybe Navigator. Then something changed him and together with his friends he founded the Inner Is …
Einar Jullum - Hjerteknuser- og andre blues

Einar Jullum
Hjerteknuser- og andre blues

And now something different: Norwegian Space Blues by Einar Jullum with Heartbreaker - and other blues. A great album which sets a high standard with just the opener. A cinematic track, backed by easy-going drums, a fluffy wind section in vein of Phi …

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