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Mixtape #26 - superfree tape #2

Mixtape #26
superfree tape #2

Genre: IndiePop, Electro, Lo-Fi, Freak Folk, Psychedelic Almost exactly after 10 other mixtapes, here is the second edition of the superfree tape. Once again it contains a selection of free songs from various more or lesser known artists and differe …
Foals - 2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

Genre: (kind of) indietronic, math rock influenced Label: sub pop (yeah! they got the right hand as always) (Warning, once again I can´t stay objective on this one...) Probably you´ve already got enough from Daytrotter Sessions posted here (not o …
[Video] Oval - Ah!

[Video] Oval

Genre: Experimental, Electronica Label: Thrill Jockey I first heard of Oval back in days when he started to use defect CD players to create a strange warped, skipping soundscape. Oval started as a band and they sounded more somehow like Der Pl …
wu lyf - spitting it concrete like the golden sun god (Video)

wu lyf
spitting it concrete like the golden sun god (Video)

Genre: Indie, Experimental, Heavy Pop, whatever I don´t know what the hell... but I´ve just watched this awesome artmovie video of this band I know nothing about^^ I don´t even know whether lyf or wu lyf ist their real name or whether they di …
Mixtape #23 - The Cats are alright

Mixtape #23
The Cats are alright

Genre: Indie (Pop), Freak-Folk, Psychedelic, Electro, Singer-Songwriter etc. Yeah…just 2 days after world-cat-day (did anybody recognize?^^) we´re proud to present you yet another animal related mixtape! :) This time the focus lies…surpris …
Gobble Gobble - 2010 - Beko 55

Gobble Gobble
2010 - Beko 55

Genre: Indie Noise Pop, Electro Label: Beko Latest Beko Digital Single (besides their "best of" compilation pt. 1) from Indie hipster electronoise- "omgi´msospecialbecauseilisten tobandsthatnobodyknows"^^-outfit Gobble Gobble. Reminds of all these …
Mixtape #20 - Ambiyond

Mixtape #20

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Psychedelic, Electronic, Field Recording Next tape, with some nice trippy sounds, dark an bright, acoustic and electronic, inside and outside, old and new. Mostly Soundscapes for your own soundtrack being outside in the park o …
Dariush Dolat-Shahi - 1985 - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar

Dariush Dolat
Shahi - 1985 - Electronic Music, Tar and Sehtar

Genre: Avantgarde, Electronic, Folk You are into Psych Folk, Electronic music and stuff? Well it may be wrong to classify this music as Psych Folk, because the intention of this Iranian-American Composer is another than taking LSD and play stoned ja …
Mixtape #17 - Superfree Stuff

Mixtape #17
Superfree Stuff

Genre: Indie (Folk), Lo-Fi, Electro, Dream Pop, Live Recordings... This is a random selection of the best of the best free stuff I´ve discovered and listened to in the past few weeks or months. Mostly Indie/Electro/Lo-Fi Stuff. Have a closer look …

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