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White Wishes - 2010 - Today

White Wishes
2010 - Today

Genre: One Man Post-Punk/Wave Band, Indie Pop Label: shelflife records Good, minimal post-punkish music from young russian Nikita Pavlov. Motorama, My Teenage Stride, Smiths stripped down to a one man band. Sometimes with some programmed drummer …
Horrid Red - 2011 - Pink Flowers EP

Horrid Red
2011 - Pink Flowers EP

Genre: Post-Punk Label: Softabuse / FWY! Well, finding Horrid Red was like stir up a hornets' nest. Why? I thought I know the most about the Jewelled Antlers collective. The Collective which brought psychedelic folk/experimental bands like Thuja, …
Mixtape #29 - Here, it never snowed. Afterwards it did.

Mixtape #29
Here, it never snowed. Afterwards it did.

Genre: Indie Pop, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk, usual No, this is not a best of 2010 mixtape. not yet. although lots of songs are from this year. but it´s just a bunch of collected tracks I listened to in the past weeks. …
Mixtape #28 - Wicked Weather

Mixtape #28
Wicked Weather

Genre: Folk, Post-Punk, Electro, Psychedelic, Acoustic, Indie, Bad Weather The current weather is depressing, but I don't think about death. Instead I throw some bad music together. Tracks you will find here on this Blog, some other more popular …
Mixtape #22 - Summer Folks

Mixtape #22
Summer Folks

Genre: Folk, Pop, LoFi, Post-Punk Ah some kind of summer mixtape. I'm sure you make your own (at least filling your iPod) for your escape to summer holidays. Well this is a collection of my last loved stuff - mostly featured here on Blog (see link …
Motorama - 2010 - Alps

2010 - Alps

Genre: Post-Punk, New Wave Label: selfreleased This is some really good post-punk/new wave or new new wave or whatever you might call it for fans of Interpol or Editors. They might hear this comparison very often, but it´s obviously. The voice real …
Bridgetown Records Samplers

Bridgetown Records Samplers

Genre: Pop/Post Punk, Bedroom Pop, Lo-Fi, Some Ambient... Label: Bridgetown Records (Who would have guessed that?^^) Bridgetown Records is a CD and cassette tape label based in City of Industry, CA, focused on releasing music by friends near and far …
Mixtape # 16 - When the owls have left the wood {o,o}

Mixtape # 16
When the owls have left the wood {o,o}

Genre: Indie (Pop), Folk, Electro, Singer-Songwriter... Besides cats, owls are my favourite animals :-) So for my debut mixtape on the blog it was obvious to create a mix consisting only of bands or songtitles with "owl" in their names. The result …
Rautavaara - 2000 - Andromeda

2000 - Andromeda

Genre: Post Punk, Cave Rock, Space Rock Label: Cohort records Found that CD in my CD rack and remembered that I liked that band, more than 10 years ago. Got some of their tapes too.Whilr listen to it right now, I remember the tracks, but to be honest …

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