Jonas Meersmans - Monnift I

Jonas Meersmans
Monnift I

Fresh solo acoustic guitar from Belgium by Jonas Meersmans. He co-founded the instrumental quartet Codasync1 and has written several soundtracks for short movies in the past. Monnift I is his debut album and it starts with an innocent music box tune …
Toby Hay - The Gathering, Interview

Toby Hay
The Gathering

After three short, but sweet ep’s, Welsh guitarist Toby Hay releases his first long player on vinyl, the holy grail of all recording formats. With “The Gathering”, Hay offers beautiful, impressionistic guitar compositions, inspired …
the modern folk - III

the modern folk
the modern folk III

2017 # lofi
This recording of The Modern Folk fills my heart with warm and fuzzy nostalgia. Josh Moss, the guy behind the music project and behind the music blog with the name The Modern Folk Music of America1, loves everything lofi. So, his weapon of choice is …
Andy McLeod - In the Light of the Day

Andy McLeod
In the Light of the Day

Andy McLeod's music popped up one day, while I was browsing bandcamp. It was just a few demo songs he put online, but track titles like Morning Raga caught my eye and soon afterward my ear. That's actually the origin of the title of the "world-famous …
dfbm #94 - Morning Raga Pt. XIV

dfbm #94
Morning Raga Pt. XIV

After a bit of silence, I'm back with the Morning Ragas series. Two hours of acoustic (and occasionally electric) solo guitar music mostly in the realm of so-called American Primitivism. You might be tired of hearing the n-th derivate of Sunflower Ri …
Derek Gripper - One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali

Derek Gripper
One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali

2013 # folk, solo guitar
Derek Gripper's album took me by surprise and I am playing it up and down for a week now. It's been a while that I was captivated by a solo guitar album that much. A few weeks ago I was posting some vintage photos of a unique looking guitar on facebo …
Sean Smith - Christmas

Sean Smith

I think it's not possible to not mention John Fahey in a post about solo acoustic guitar music. This guy just worked through the whole spectrum of music and translated it to 6 steel strings strapped on a hollow piece of wood. The story of Fahey's chr …
Billy Torello - Il Passato ha gli Zoccoli

Billy Torello
Il Passato ha gli Zoccoli

Billy Torello is the alter ego of Angelo Bignamini from Italy. He's a drummer in the psych band The Great Saunites and records grinding noise with the Lucifer Big Band. While this is all heavy and grim stuff, his recordings as Billy Torello is superb …
Joost Dijkema - Sacred Revelations

Joost Dijkema
Sacred Revelations

Dutch singer-songwriter Joost Dijkema debuts with a wonderful and diverse album of folk, americana and primitive guitar magic. The cover artwork is the first thing that gives you a hint where this album will take you. It's an adaptation of Robert Cru …

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