dfbm #96 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VII

dfbm #96
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VII

After some silence I worked through my stacks of music to compile a new edition of Songs of Wild Nothing. tl;dr Starting off with an exclusive song by Simone Romei aka Desmoines. He recorded a beautiful folk album that should be of interest for every …
P.J. Phillips - Colder Days

P.J. Phillips
Colder Days

It's summer and yets it's cold right now. Either it's a glitch in the weather pattern or it's the nuclear winter looming ahead. Let's hope for the best. Cold Days is the first album by German/American guitarist P.J. Phillips hailing from the Ruhr are …
Harry Taussig & Max Ochs - The Music Of Harry Taussig & Max Ochs

Harry Taussig & Max Ochs
The Music Of Harry Taussig & Max Ochs

In 1965, Harry Taussig got invited to spend one hour in a studio to record his self-taught style of guitar music, that was influenced by Elizabeth Cotton, John Cage, and Stockhausen. The result was the self-published album Fate Is Only Once. Taussig …
Youngkvist - Forms


I love field recordings. Recordings of environmental sounds were my photographs. I used to record the sounds of water, nature, and places and embedded them in my own music, like pasting photographs into a photo album. I loved the effect of mild confu …
Interview: <br />Hayden Pedigo -  Greetings from Amarillo (Part I)

Hayden Pedigo
Greetings from Amarillo

"Greetings from Amarillo is a musical postcard but also an invitation to look around and spend some time in the audio rendering of the Texas Panhandle." That's how Hayden Pedigo describes his new album - a mix of cosmic electronica, hints of pop musi …
dfbm #95 - Morning Raga Pt. 15

dfbm #95
Morning Raga Pt. 15

Contemplate over a new episode of Morning Raga and delve into a mix of acoustic guitar-centered music. Sometimes electrified, solo or as a duo, with 6 or 12 strings. Playlist ’You’re the next guy to inherit the throne, the next Leo Kottke.’ sai …
Kadonnut Manner - s/t

Kadonnut Manner
Kadonnut Manner

It got pretty quiet around the New Weird Finland movement from the mid-2000, led by artists like Lau Nau, Kuupuu or Kemialliset Ystävät. For quite some time the most surreal folk was coming out of the Finnish forest and tundra. It was the European …
dfbm #93 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VI

dfbm #93
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VI

It's been a while since the last Songs of Wild Nothing mix. I am a bit behind with the music stuff, but I've found a lot of weird old and new music over the last months, so it was easy to compile 33 tracks to a two hour mix. Hopefully you have the ne …
Tom Armstrong - The Sky Is An Empty Eye

Tom Armstrong
The Sky Is An Empty Eye

I can’t praise the Tompkins Square compilation “Imaginational Anthem Vol.8” enough. The record collectors Michael Klausman, Brooks Rice and label owner Josh Rosenthal issued a wonderful collection of ultra-rare solo guitar records from the last …

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