Dibson T. Hoffweiler - Oakland to Sebastopol

Dibson T. Hoffweiler
Oakland to Sebastopol

Andrew Weather's Full Spectrum Records oscillates between electronica and acoustic guitar music as he does himself on his many releases. With Dibson T. Hoffweiler's album "Oakland to Sebastopol" he released a beautiful document of p …
Christoph Bruhn - Chandelier

Christoph Bruhn

In between Robbie Basho reissues and rarities, the Grass-Tops-Recordings label from Minneapolis, MN drops one or another fine solo guitar album every now and then. This time it's the second album by Christoph Bruhn, touring partner of the labels …
dfbm #84 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 2

dfbm #84
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 2

For this new installment of Songs of Wild Nothing, I dug through the internets attic, dusted off some mp3 and polished some gems. You might know that electronic-music composer Laurie Spiegel has her roots in folk music. She learned how to pl …
Gavin Prior - All Who Wander

Gavin Prior
All Who Wander

​ Gavin Prior is an musician from Dublin, connected to the psych folk collective United Bible Studies and member of Free Jazz/Metal trio Tarracóir among other projects. All Who Wander is like a collage of photographs and notes taken on P …
Charlie Ulyatt - Dead Birds

Charlie Ulyatt
Dead Birds

2016 # solo guitar
Neil Young's Dead Man soundtrack is the first that comes to my mind when I read that an album consists solely of an electric guitar. That's when I usually skipped to another album. But the latest release of Nick Jonah Davis and C Joynes &quot …
dfbm #83 - Morning Raga Pt. VIII

dfbm #83
Morning Raga Pt. VIII

Welcome to the next installment of the Morning Raga guitar soli series. Two hours of uninterupted american primitive, fingerstyle guitar and anything related. I dug out some gems by contemporary guitarists and a few that are quite old, but still shin …
Sarah Louise - Ripple (The Avant Ghetto DJ Premium @WFMU Fundraiser 2016)

Sarah Louise
Ripple (The Avant Ghetto DJ Premium @WFMU Fundraiser 2016)

The world’s best freeform radio station, WFMU, is in the midst of their annual fundraiser to keep the boat afloat. During the month of March all listeners are asked to pledge what they can. Every DJ at WFMU has created a one-of-a-kind compilati …
dfbm #82 - Songs of Wild Nothing

dfbm #82
Songs of Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing is like an elaborate dream. A lot of wild things happen and then you wake up and there is nothing left. In the worst (or best) case there is an echo that fades away. It's similar with the music: so much music got recorded in the past …
Library of Babel - s/t

Library of Babel

​ As Library of Babel, the guitarist and music teacher Shane Parish, cellist Emmalee Hunnicutt and bassis Frank Meadows found together to create some sort of free folk/improv chamber music. All three are hailing from Asheville, NC the town and …

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