Köhn - (Köhn)²


This CD starts with an obscure and melancholic sounding tune/loop of a South german Brass band and turns fastly in a digital noisy drone. The next track is a clicking scribble of a pop song and so it goes on with digital mush, glitches, melodies, ski …
dronæment vs rabbits'sorrow - Between Two Yearthousands

dronæment vs rabbits'sorrow
Between Two Yearthousands

2001 # ambient, drone
Label: Le Cri De La Harpe (France) Genre: Drone, Ambient Similar Artists: Stars of The Lid, Windy and Carl, Aidan Baker Dronaement's previous releases have been dully presented in these pages before but Rabbit's Sorrow is unknown to me. The …
Leafes - in the mountain's belly

in the mountain's belly

Genre: Freak Folk, LoFiLabel: redstarcommunitySimilar Artists: Woods Great freak folk kitchen improvisations and lo-fi pop tunes. Tracklisting: samerna hade rätt leafes howls with the wolfs bastard son pink moonlight autumn storm wooden …
Ribbon Effect - 2000 - Slip

Ribbon Effect
2000 - Slip

Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Post-Rock Label: Roomtone Records A wonderful record for sunday mornings. Some noisy soundscapes, lovely tunes, improvisations, organs, delayed guitars, happy drumboxing - all the stuff to make you feel good. Best …

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