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China - Pool of Tears

Pool of Tears

2016 # dream pop, psych
Summer 2016 – everything is heated up – climate, emotions, people. Would jumping into a pool of tears cool us down? I guess we will find out later this year. In the meantime the band China from Northern California supplies a bitter-sw …
China - Towards The Sun

Towards The Sun

Imagine you get into your car on a rainy April day in Atlanta and five hours later you'll end up in Florida at midnight and the air is warm and soft. On this trip you have a thousand tracks on your iPod and only 5 gets played over 5 hours in repe …
Split Screens - s/t EP

Split Screens
s/t EP

Split Screens from San Francisco started as the solo project of Jesse Cafiero and grew to a full band with live appearance now. The first thing I noticed was the Vibraphone's (I hope it's a real one) - long sustained harmony drones waftin …
Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon & Ethan Schmid - NATCH 5

Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon & Ethan Schmid

In April, this year, Mr. Cale was invited in the Black Dirt Studio to record a session with Dream Pop Duo Mighty Moon and his pal Ethan Schmid (drummer of his band). The result is very mixed and at the same time exciting. Love in Vain and Me …
Summer Fiction - By the Sea

Summer Fiction
By the Sea

2011 # pop, dream pop, sixties
Genre: pop Summer is over, just some blurry images remain. So is Summer Fiction's free single By The Sea from the self titled 2010 album. Great Zombies influenced pop. 9/10 …
bidibop - be


Genre: french electronica, dream pop Label: Dying For Bad Music So here is a new release of DFBM. Vincent, the man behind bidibop is one of the people I know since a long time. I released a great experimental mini-release on my former label, wher …
Cassis Orange - Cassis Orange EP

Cassis Orange
Cassis Orange EP

Genre: Indie Pop/Dream Pop Label: self Powerful fuzzy Indie/Dream Pop. Somehow like a female version of Casiotone for the painfully alone and somehow like early Arcade Fire with that staccato piano and glockenspiel sounds. But this reference cam …
Vows - Winter’s Grave

Winter’s Grave

Genre: Psych Pop, Dream Pop Label: CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN MUSIC COLLECTIVE I am not sure which link on obscure shoutbox I clicked to find this band. But it turns out good and even better when I find out it's a free release on the CMMC Label which have …
Os Ovni - 2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Os Ovni
2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Genre: Synth Psych Dream Heart Duo. Label: Beko (and others) - Website Duo from Austin/TX with two minimal synth tracks. Maybe it's part of that so called Witch House genre. Don't know, because don't care that much about this Neo Goth shite. But …

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