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Mixtape #48 - Sleepless Summer Nights

Mixtape #48
Sleepless Summer Nights

This is not for a stinky beach trip or to get lost in the woods. It's not the soundtrack to a party or to get stoned to or to have fun to. There is no intention, it's just what it is. My personal favorites - a diary - crutches to stand tall.. …
Hot Babes - Hot Babes Cool Surf

Hot Babes
Hot Babes Cool Surf

2012 # lofi, surf, garage pop
Does anyone remember Wavves? Me neither! With and after them came so much bands that sound similar boring or just better, so Wavves (or better Nathan) stumbled over their bong and stay laying down. Hot Babes are not really compareable to Wavves, …
Expwy - Bag of Waters

Bag of Waters

Quirky fuzz pop, with some sixties references and tons of reverb and e-organ, but without water down and drench the whole mix. Tons of surprises and good vibrations from Canada. Check out Cargo: Headstones …
Campfires - Slaughter Tropes

Slaughter Tropes

2011 # lofi, garage pop
lofi indie pop Harsh and distorted pop by Campfires from Portland, reminds me on Elephant 6 stuff. Cake candied with broken bits of glass. Mmmh sweet, ouch. Well done. Buy cassette or download free 9/10 …
Schocholautte - I Hate You

I Hate You

Genre: Garage Fuzz Punk Pop Silly band name, boring album cover, why should you press the play or even the download link? Because the last Strokes album was shit and you miss their sound a bit? So, then try out Schocholautte now! Get the full fuzz …
Asian Boyfriend - Demonstration

Asian Boyfriend

Genre: Fuzz Pop, Fuzz Folk This is loud bedroom fuzz pop and the solo effort by someone I don't know. Reptilian Brain sounds like drunken Arcade Fire as one-man band, I mean the melody and the drive reminds me somehow on "Neigborhood 2 (Laika)" by …
Yussuf Jerusalem - Blast from the Past

Yussuf Jerusalem
Blast from the Past

Black Metal, Spaghetti Western Twang Folk, Garage Pop Floridas Dying This french dudes project is the polarity in person. This starts with the bandname and does not end with his music. Ok, it was not really surprising when his second album Blast fr …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - Daytrotter Session

Land of Blood and Sunshine
Daytrotter Session

Genre: Psycho Garage Indie Pop Label: Daytrotter Session Waiting for this since months and finally Daytrotter released the LOBAS session and I am sure this will boost the popularity of these guys. Quite rightly! It's likely that the devil dance …
Mmoss - i


Genre: Psychedelic Pop Label: Burger Records Gorgeous original and mind blowing psych pop like a space cookie full of dope. Sounds exactly like the sixties psych stuff. Thinking of the awesome Chocolate Watchband (not in GEMA control …

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