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dfbm #111 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 14

dfbm #111 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 14

So many playlists so little time. Obviously making these playlists and the cover artwork and then the posting takes longer than using something like Spotify. Of course, it shouldn't take 6 months. Anyways, this is more rock music-oriented (in the bro …
dfbm #89 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. IV

dfbm #89
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. IV

The fascination with private press records from the 60s, 70s and 80s is still strong. So again, on this mix is a lot of real peoples music, christian bedroom folk and other home made psych. Beside the dusty old stuff that record collector would play …
dfbm #80 - Cosmique Chords

dfbm #80
Cosmique Chords

How to glue psych- and raga rock, krautrock, british folk and solo guitar together? Just fill the gaps with artists who operate between those fields. Artists who know how to patch a Korg MS 20 as well as pick tricky patterns on a steel string guitar. …
dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

Here is another non acoustic guitar program with some jumps between genres and decades. I have to confess that I was playing A Flock of Seagulls a lot lately. It's a perfect eighties flashback, especially with their videos. All the moves and styl …
Moon – s/t

Moon – s/t

Simple and trippy psych pop with a like for lengthy Krautock-excursions into the countryside and back. It also reminds me in its trippyness on the phantastic Sonic Youth album "Washing Machine". The cassette closes with "Bliss&quot …
Children of Leir – s/t

Children of Leir – s/t

What are the ingrediente for a Space-Rock album? Stompboxes, Studio FX magic, something like that. There are some extraordinary Space-Rock FX or should I say, all FX turned to the max, gives every music some psychedelic coating? So the main sound …
Moonwood - Trans Lunar/Martian Express

Trans Lunar/Martian Express

Moonwood from Canada are one of the most prolific psych projects these days. In the past months they released a bunch of great other worldly psych folk records and in between they switched from weird string instruments to synths and e-guitars and ph …
Kiki Pau - Pines

Kiki Pau

Krautrock from Finlandia? Yes, this sounds exotic and special. And it is! While the Krautrock label will be sticked on any dull prog-rock jam, these Finns are different. Sure - the tracks are epic pieces, which develop and grow organic, but they are …
Cuba is Japan - The Conflict At Mactan / Pigafetta's Dream 7"

Cuba is Japan
The Conflict At Mactan / Pigafetta's Dream 7"

Genre: Psych Folk, Krautrock Label: Alpine Areas Cuba is Japan is from Melbourne and the first listen reminds on a folky version of Kings of Leon on the vocal part. But it's different in music. Cinematic folk music with bits of Krautfolk. This …

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