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China - Towards The Sun

Towards The Sun

Imagine you get into your car on a rainy April day in Atlanta and five hours later you'll end up in Florida at midnight and the air is warm and soft. On this trip you have a thousand tracks on your iPod and only 5 gets played over 5 hours in repe …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - AEONS

Land of Blood and Sunshine

The Iowa Psych Rock Ensemble Land of Blood and Sunshine are DFBM all time faves and I featured them from their early beginnings. They started as a duo and grew to a full band over the years, developing their very own sound; percussion heavy-fuzzy thr …
Heaven And Earth Magic ~ Complete Works

Heaven And Earth Magic ~ Complete Works

Anthony Pasquarosa plays a lot of music. He plays different kinds of music. Unamplified acoustic and very loud distorted music. Yet, he is the quietest, at least on the internet. No status updates about ripped strings, just occacionally a post, when …
dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

Here is another non acoustic guitar program with some jumps between genres and decades. I have to confess that I was playing A Flock of Seagulls a lot lately. It's a perfect eighties flashback, especially with their videos. All the moves and styl …
dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non-Folk)

dfbm #61 – Best of 2013 Part I (Non

Here are the DFBM Non-Folk Favorites 2013 (no acoustic guitars!) as an extensive 1,5 hours long program of Psychedelic Space Punk (or whatever). The list is in no particular order - just as it sounded good in the mix. I hope you'll find somethin …
Christian Richer, The Haiduks, Kinnta Records - Interview

Christian Richer, The Haiduks, Kinnta Records

I asked Christian Richer of Kinnta Records a few question about his music projects and his label, tapes and the absence of release strategies and it seems we would be good friends if we were living closer to each other. At least we both flounder with …
Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

Mixtape #58 – Sun Leaving

It's still summer, but the sun is leaving slowl this place over the northern hemisphere. Just warms up the corps of the past summer fun days and then freezes everything over night. Brrrr. Gives me a taste of the cumin' winter. No fun! Any …
Shadow Folk – Seagull Visions

Shadow Folk – Seagull Visions

Canadian Neo-Psychedelia for sunny Sunday mornings or a rainy Tuesday morning. This rides on the waves of the New Wave of Neo-Psychedelia (if there is something like that, just thinking on Jaccor Gardner, The Haiduks, Paul Messis, The Sufis etc. …
Mixtape #55 - Leaving/Returning

Mixtape #55

I started this tape before I left to the US for a month and after my return I added the latest bits and pieces. I think it's a nice mixture of garage folk, pop punk, psychedelic pop, post-punk and I don't know what else. I just hope you enjoy …

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